Overcoming Fear from the Dentists

Dentistry … Many of us have one leg that’s weak, and the heart starts beating wildly in the chest. No persuasion and argument reason can help overcome panic fear. Even a sharp pain recedes before him. Only, perhaps, the threat of life is capable of encouraging some to such a feat – to cross the threshold of the dental office. Until then, they are ready to tolerate, to take painful handfuls of painkillers and in other ways to harm their health, if only to not treat the spoiled teeth.

Why are we so afraid of dentists, what to do with this and whether it will be possible to go into the dentist’s office with a smile on his face – he says “It’s Easy”. You can consult meadowdaledc.com for more information.

Causes of dentophobia

  • Dentofobia (or dentofobia) is a special kind of phobia that is observed in the majority of the population. Despite the fact that each person is unique in its own way, there are a number of fears inherent in everyone. For example, fear of dentistry.The child is afraid to treat the teeth
  • Fear of treating teeth can occur for a number of reasons. Most often the patient is afraid that they will hurt him. Each person has his own pain threshold and, more importantly, a more or less developed imagination. There are cases when a person, tormented by panic fear of waiting for his pain (objectively speaking, quite tolerable), drove himself into a real pain shock!
  • Worst of all, when the patient was convinced that the treatment of teeth is painful, from his own experience. Often this happens with children: even a little pain when you first visit the dentist’s office can create a persistent dislike for people in white coats. At such a confluence of circumstances, fear can arise even before a simple examination.

Nowadays, you do not need to be afraid of pain: now in all dentists we use advanced drills, which practically do not create vibrations during drilling and do not irritate the nerve. In addition, you can ask the doctor to give you an anesthetic. It would seem that these are obvious things, then why are we still trembling at the thought of visiting the dentist?

Stressful holism

There is one more opinion about the appearance of fear of dentistry – the concept of stress holism. According to her, dentophobia is just a manifestation of other, deeper and hidden fears, usually associated with unwillingness to exert effort or endure trouble. In this case, the solution must be sought in changing the way of life and working with a psychologist.

Some psychologists say that this phobia is inherited: if the parents are afraid to visit the dentist, it is possible that the children will be afraid of such a procedure.

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