Janumet for Type Two Diabetes

What is Janumet? Janumet is a medication doctors use to treat type two diabetes. Janumet contains Sitagliptin and Metformin that helps to patients with diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes consists of high blood sugar and low insulin. People who suffer from it have to urinate repeatedly. Their body cannot produce insulin and eventually becomes insulin resistant. They also experience weight loss and dehydration.

Its medical name is Diabetes Mellitus Type Two.

Its symptoms start to appear slowly in the patient’s body. Common symptoms include numbness in the limbs, blurred eyesight, increased thirst and hunger, male impotence, vaginal infection etc.

The treatment revolves around controlling the glucose level in the blood.

Doctors prefer a diet chart and some physical exercise to keep it in check. For more critical conditions, there are medications. In a lot of cases, doctors prescribe Janumet.

Janumet works with the muscle cells. It decreases the sugar they produce, while increasing their insulin sensitivity.

Janumet second function is located at the intestine. Every time patient takes food, it delays the process of absorbing sugar in the intestine.

Metformin is classified as biguanides. It controls insulin.

Metformin HCL is Metformin Hydrochloride. Basically, it is a hydrochloride salt. You can dissolve it in the water.

Metformin HCL in Janumet prevents several dangers.

They are:

– Blindness

– Strokes

– Loss of limbs

– Kidney diseases

– Sexual dysfunctions

– Heart attacks

– Nerve problems

Metformin HCL in Janumet regulates how much sugar your liver is producing.

In US, patients spend around $8000 a year for diabetes. There are lots of medications to buy, and the patient has to pay the doctor his fees, too.

There is no low cost treatment for diabetes. No matter which country you live in, treating diabetes is costly.

It cannot be completely cured as well. Patients have to live with it.

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