How Anxiety Affects Learning and Memory and the Best Way to Get Rid of It

Cases of people struggling with mental disorders have been on the rise, with annual statistics indicating an alarming trend of young adults succumbing to anxiety and depression. This has led to drops in performances among many affected students, eventually relegating them to terrible lifestyles. The most recent study has revealed that nearly a quarter of teens exhibits symptoms of anxiety and depression before the age of 18 years, which if not addressed early is carried on to later years.

Young adults suffering from these conditions are likely to drop out of school as it has been proven beyond doubt the impacts of anxiety on the overall academic performance.

How can anxiety affect academic performance?

Leading universities and other education institutions have recorded high numbers of students getting affected by anxiety and depression, with counseling centers admitting more teens and young adults every year. It is worth noting; students known to perform well in different categories have registered drops in their performances due to their inability to focus on studies. It is unfortunate that the majority of these students have ended up either harming themselves or their colleagues, with several cases of suicide also being reported.

Stress happens when one is faced with a myriad of uncomfortable situations, and the natural biological response can be negative. In the learning context, stress can cause a learner to worry about their performance before an exam, therefore experiencing stomach upsets which could derail their thinking and overall performance.

Anxiety is not so much different but it becomes a major issue when symptoms are entertained for long periods. It causes someone to feel irrational causing debilitating worry, as well as making an individual feel physically weak and emotionally distraught. When these situations come together, the consequences can pose a real danger especially to teens or young adults who are unable to deal with such situations. Cognitive functioning gets compromised, hence, poor concentration in learning and poor performance.

As opposed to what most people think, mental health disorders may be caused by different factors besides changes in emotional states. For instance, inherited traits, exposure to different environmental conditions before birth, family history, substance abuse, chronic medical conditions, traumatic experiences, and lack of social bonds are some of the known causes of irregular mental disorders.

Physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety

Physical symptoms

  • Nervousness and panicking
  • Feeling cold
  • Stomach discomforts
  • Sweaty palms
  • Irregular breathing
  • Faster heart rate

Psychological symptoms

  • Lack of interest in areas perceived difficult
  • Withdrawn character
  • Self-seclusion
  • Nervousness during class work
  • Mental block during exams
  • Becoming forgetful

How and when to deal with Anxiety

In cases where you are unsure whether anxiety or depression is affecting your learning, do a self-evaluation before it’s too late. Ask yourself the following questions;

  • Are you experiencing spells of sadness, emptiness, and hopelessness?
  • Are small instances getting you agitated, frustrated, and irritated?
  • Have your grades dropped drastically due to your inability to focus on class work?
  • Have you lost interest in things and activities you used to find thrilling?
  • Are you suddenly sleeping too much, or experiencing insomnia?
  • Do you experience nightmares that disrupt your sleep and leave you frightened?
  • Do you get easily exhausted from doing small tasks?
  • Has anything changed in your eating habits, you’re either constantly hungry or you rarely feel like eating?
  • Do you find yourself alone in secluded areas over-thinking stuff?
  • Do you suffer from regular migraines, backaches, or other inexplicable pains?
  • Do you find yourself thinking about death or suicide?

A combination of the above could lead to failed cognitive functioning, compromising your memory retention and retrieval, and your ability to comprehend when learning. Sometimes it is difficult for an individual to admit their conditions, but if you’re going through any of the above, that could be the red flag. You may also find yourself in a better position to notice suspicious changes in a colleague, and the best way for you to help would be taking the right action. If it doesn’t happen to you it could happen to your son or daughter, your friend, or even your student.

Depression and anxiety are the leading causes of serious mental disorders that cause individuals with emotional and cognitive problems. These challenges are sometimes difficult to overcome, but fortunately, they can be successfully dealt with proper treatment.

CBD oil has long been associated with numerous mental health benefits, one of which is rejuvenating both the body and the brain. It is a trusted name in the health and wellness industry, with ongoing studies revealing that it has countless benefits to both humans and animals. However, with the emergence of more and more manufacturers of CBD products, caution is advised. Innocent people are likely to fall prey to untrustworthy sellers whose products could end up being detrimental to the health of the users.

One of the companies known to produce quality CBD products is Med Biotech.

Meds Biotech uses specific pharmaceutical formulations to ensure that you get real value for your money. Several cases of anxiety and related conditions have been addressed amicably thanks to their popular turmeric CBD capsules whose benefits go beyond just the brain. Aside from treating anxiety and depression, these CBD-based capsules have been used to treat other ailments such as aches and pain, insomnia, muscle, and joint recovery, especially after an intensive workout session.


If you’re dealing with any mental disorder, or you have noticed someone exhibiting suggestive symptoms, the first step is to identify the right form of medication for the specific condition. Reputable manufacturers such as Meds Biotech stock quality CBD products for different health conditions. Their CBD products are a work of research, and every detail is captured in the respective product’s packaging.

Extreme caution when making online purchases should be practiced because it would be difficult for some people to identify flaws in the many available options. Similarly, some unscrupulous manufacturers are keen on making profits rather than providing solutions to affected individuals.

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