Essential Steps for the Dietary Options Now

Everyone knows what proper nutrition is, but somehow hands do not get it to apply in practice. Or it is usually postponed on Monday or, at best, you think starting with tomorrow. There is a good saying: “Never put off till then what can be done now.” Therefore, we will not postpone, we will start right now.

The food should be fractional, i.e. often and slightly

You will say that you do not have the opportunity to eat so often, you work a lot. Perfectly, then, prepare in advance and take with you or drink sour-milk products, the good is now a huge choice (yogurt, yogurt, even fermented yoghurt), when you do not have time to eat. Do not be lazy and do not forget about yourself.

Do not eat up before going to sleep, although if you observe the first point, then by evening the hunger will not be so strong. But, if hunger attacked you, it’s better to drink, but with pleasure, a glass of yogurt and calmly go to bed.

Forget the habit of eating on the go

The fact is that if there is a slow, mechanism that controls saturation, it works correctly and the signal about getting enough food arrives in time to the brain. On the move, in a hurry this mechanism does not work in time, and because of this you can eat much more than you need. With the dietny assistantnow the options are perfect.

Never overeat

This is very harmful for the stomach and for the body as a whole. Some experts recommend before the meal to tie a waist with a belt or a string. When overeating becomes cramped, and more than laid do not swallow.Eat a lot of raw vegetables and fruits daily, in which there is a lot of fiber. Get a rule for yourself every day to prepare a salad of fresh vegetables (cabbage, carrots, beets, greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.). Only fill the salad with mayonnaise, and sunflower or olive oil.

Do not drink water during meals and after

Better drink, if you want, before eating. But! Drink during the day a sufficient amount of liquid, better, of course, if it is pure drinking water.

Eliminate fat food from your diet. Everyone knows about the harmfulness of fatty foods. Limit the use of flour products, sweets, alcohol. An alternative to flour products – bread, cereal bread, with bran; sweets – dried fruits, honey; but alcohol is difficult to replace (if only a glass of dry wine), just follow the rule of moderation and do it often.

Limit the use of salt, spices and various condiments

Just gradually reduce the portion added to the food, because. if this is done abruptly and immediately, then the food will seem fresh.

Variety of food

A prerequisite for proper nutrition is obtaining the necessary polyunsaturated fatty acids, microelements, macro elements, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids for man. To be sure that you get everything you need, try to eat a variety. All that you need, you can get even from such a simple meal, as vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes.
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